Food at The Royal Suites

At The Royal Suites, we have optional meal programs for those who would like them.  You can opt in or out of flexible meal programs.  You can look at the menu and decide on a meal plan, or can just call and order a meal if you don’t feel like shopping or cooking.

The Royal Suites is like having the option to go to your favorite restaurant without ever having to step outside! It can be tough cooking for one!

Anyone who follows us on social media is used to seeing our fine dining posts.  As the Marketing Director, I go into the kitchen and set up an area with a table cloth, have the chef prepare me a plate where I make sure the camera angle is perfect the lighting is perfect because it’s used for marketing.  However, I wanted to show what happens each and every day by having staff text me random pictures of the food with their cell phones as they are going out to the dining room.  There is nothing staged about it.

We feel the dining experience is so important.  We create an enjoyable relaxing atmosphere and are always working to improve our presentation. We run a plating contest each and every month and reward the chef who’s plate is chosen with a gift card.  It’s important to reward their amazing efforts!

I received a text of the beautiful side salads wrapped in cucumber this weekend from one of our dietary aids.  It’s almost too pretty to eat!  It inspired me to write this blog and include some pictures from this past months mouth watering submissions.



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