O’zapft is! (It’s tapped!) Our dining room was transformed into a Bavarian beer garden this month when we turned fine dining into fun dining. Festivities kicked off with an afternoon game of beer pong, bringing The Royal Suites tenants together to celebrate the spirit of Oktoberfest. The Culinary team served Guten appetit (Enjoy your meal) beginning with a German charcuterie plate of German salami, cheese, gherkins and a homemade bread. Köstlich (delicious) Beef Roulade, stuffed with bacon, onions, dijon mustard, garnished with fresh dill or Chicken Schnitzel and gravy were served with traditional boiled red potatoes and grilled asparagus. Zigge, zagge, zigge, zagge, hoi, hoi, hoi! (A toast, a toast, to a warm, cozy place, hey, hey hey!) while we were entertained by Herman Amberger. FROHE OKTOBERFEST!” ( Happy Oktoberfest)

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