And B-I-N-G-O Was His NAME-O

Whoops, Wrong BINGO!

Today we played 5 games of BINGO that resulted in 7 winners, that included 3 winners in ONE round!! We played:

  • 1 line or 4 corners (1 Winner)
  • Box around the FREE SPACE (2 Winners)
  • X through the FREE SPACE (3 Winners)
  • ¬†Postage Stamp ( 1 Winner)

Upon winning, the residents got their choice of item from the prize box. Some of the things that residents chose from the prize box consisted of: chocolate bars, a Gatorade, a 3 pk of hand lotions, a wall hanging, and a beverage koozie.

Even our Co-op student Mekenzie from BCI broke out of her shyness shell today and called a few games!!

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