Let the sunshine in!

“It was always sunny above the clouds. Always. Everyday on earth- everyday I ever had- was secretly sunny, afterall.” – Caitlin Moran.


Yesterday on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, the residents encouraged the sunshine to brighten their windows with these gorgeous glass bead suncatchers! They were able to choose from a few different styles that they could make. It was a joy to see them choose their beads, as well as laugh and joke with their neighbors from the building!

Sure enough just as we were finishing, from behind a rain cloud the sun decided to grace us with its presence. Some Residents stuck the back of their suction cups to the windows in The Lounge to see what it would look like in their apartments. “JUST BEAUTIFUL” ” Look at that SPARKLE” were just some of the comments I heard. 🙂

They continued to admire each others handy work and comment on each color of bead and how it individually reflected the suns rays for a few minutes, before rushing home to hang them up on their patio doors and windows!



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