The “Happy Quilters” Made and Donate Fidget Quilts to The Alzheimer’s Society

Our very own self named “Happy Quilters” donated their beautiful homemade fidget quilts to The Alzheimer Society this afternoon. After almost 4  months of work these ladies ( and some others not pictured) were able to smile proudly with their beautiful quilts.

Now what makes these particular quilts to special? Well, these fidget quilts are designed to help Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients.  As Alzheimer’s and Dementia progresses, peoples’ hands become more nervous and fidgety, as they continually search for something to occupy them.

These beautiful quilts have buttons to close, zippers to zip, snaps to snap and a few other things such as colorful beads to spin on a string. All of these activities can be done from the comfort of their own laps with the help of these fidget quilts!


Way to go Happy Quilters!!

Our “Happy Quilters” Show off their beautiful work.

One of the Tenants checking out some homemade placemats made by our “Happy Quilters”

Explaining the detail to on lookers.

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