Meet Stella and Marg

This afternoon I sat down with two tenants at The Royal Suites and asked them if I could tell their story.  We met in Stella’s apartment where she and Marg meet every Friday afternoon for a glass of white wine for Marg, and a Coors Light for Stella. They have become good friends over the past few months.

Stella is a retired school teacher, and mother to two children, a son and a daughter. Stella has four grandchildren as well.

9 years ago, Stella lost the love of her life.  She speaks fondly about her years of travelling with her husband Bill and her friends and how she always wanted to learn how to golf.

Stella found herself becoming lonely in her home and decided to take a tour of The Royal Suites. Stella was disappointed at first because she was one of the very first tenants to move in and really only said hello to the other tenants in the elevator, but as the months went by, more and more people began to move in and Stella slowly got to know people and really started to enjoy the atmosphere.

We had our grand opening in December and we started programming.  We hired Patti, our incredible exercise instructor, our Life Enrichment Co Ordinator Bryanna, who plans our activities, hires entertainers, and makes sure all suggestions are heard.

When asked what she enjoys most, Stella said “It really is so nice to have technology class, bingo, weekly euchre games, movies together on Sundays and especially the daily coffee club.  I’m not lonely anymore”

Stella says her life changed the day Marg moved in next door.

Marg is a retired Nurse, who spent her career at St. Vincent’s Hospital.  Marg and her husband spent a lot of their time travelling in their motor home.  Parents of two sons, their lives were full.

After Marg’s husband suffered a stroke, she became his full-time caregiver.  He passed away last August, and she said the house just felt too empty.  She longed to find somewhere that would have a sense of community, she wanted there to be common areas, where tenants could meet, play cards, maybe have a pot luck dinner once in a while where she could meet some new friends.

“Stella talks about how much she appreciates me moving in, I don’t think she has any idea how much I appreciate her.  Stella always makes sure new tenants feel welcome.  She is the one who knocked on my door to tell me that everyone meets for coffee in the “main room”.  She really has been so nice to me. We have become great friends.  She makes everyone feel welcome”

Talking to Marg and Stella really touched my heart.  The pandemic has been really hard for a lot of people and it really made me feel good that the tenants at The Royal Suites have still had each other.  It shows me that our vision of creating a community for seniors has been a success.  We built The Royal Suites for a demographic of people who aren’t quite ready for a retirement home.  For people who may or may not need a meal plan or housekeeping, but who mostly just want to have a simpler way of living and who want companionship.

I met a man today who plans on moving in as soon as his house sells and who told me he just wants me to introduce him to fellow euchre players, I knew right away that The Royal Suites was the right place for him! I love the simplicity of my job.  I love that I get to meet such incredible people and that I have had some very small part in making their lives better.



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